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Educate a girl,
transform a life.

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In Ethiopia
84% of girls do not go on to secondary school.

57.7% of girls marry before the age of 18, because it's not easy for a girl to go to school when she is poor, when her family needs her to work, and expects her to marry young.


When girls are able to stay in school and delay marriage and childbirth, their children are better educated, their families are healthier, their communities are safer, and their countries are enriched.

For every 100 boys in secondary school,
there are only 77 girls.

In Ethiopia, only 17% of women are literate, whereas 42% of men can read and write.

Females make up only 27% of the university 
. A quarter of them will drop out before 

The education of girls results in lower infant mortality and morbidity, lower fertility rates, and the attainment of longer life expectancy. 

Source: The Borgen Project

If every Ethiopian girl finished secondary school, they would
add almost $4 billion to the country's economy.

Empower a girl,
inspire a community,
transform a nation.

REAL empowers girls to stay in school while helping their families financially, strengthening their local 
community, and contributing to their nation.

It's time to get REAL.

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importance of empowering Ethiopian girls.

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