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COVID-19 Relief

Confirmation of Covid-19 cases in Ethiopia are increasing by more than 100 a day. The largest concentration is in Addis Ababa, near three of our sites: Burayu Kata, Entoto, and Kotobe. We have been working with all the sites to be sure they have accurate, updated information about the virus. Because of the uncertainty, need for protection, and added stress, this month REAL is sending an additional 500 Birr (about US$15) from our reserves to each girl and mentor.

Three of our REAL graduates have created a video describing their concerns regarding the pandemic in Ethiopia. The video is available at I urge you to watch this video. These impressive young women entered our program as girls and look at the difference they are making now!

Seble Habtamu, our In-Country Program Manager who introduces the video, entered the program as a 7th grader sponsored. The second speaker, Obsine Abara, is now a midwife and speaks movingly of their need for help. The third speaker in the video, Tsehay Sulamo,  who entered the program as an 11-year old, is now a sixth-year medical student completing her internship. She entered the REAL program as an 11-year-old. Look at the difference those sponsorships made in the lives of these three young women--just a small example of the enormous impact of our support. All three of their sponsors have continued to sponsor other girls who are, or will be, making a significant difference in their communities. We are deeply grateful.

As the girls say in the video acquiring sufficient protection from the virus, particularly masks, soap, and sanitizer is very difficult right now. We have created a Covid in Ethiopia fund to support our girls, including graduates, and the community that nurtures them. Your donation will help the girls and their communities as they organize to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

You can donate to the fund directly by clicking HERE or mail your check to REAL, 2233 University Avenue, W., # 338, St. Paul, MN 55114

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