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REAL joins #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for people around the world to make the world a better place though giving in all its forms: acts of kindness, gifts of voice, gifts of time, gifts of talent; gifts of treasure.

REAL depends on the creation of community. The sisterhood of twenty girls at each of our sites learn that they are stronger together and support each other not just in their education, but in their daily lives. We were particularly impressed by the power of the group a few years ago when we brought girls from all our sites together, when they saw that their sisterhood was bigger than the 15 or 20 girls at their site, when they sat in a room with over 100 girls to talk about their lives, their challenges, their opportunities and dreams. At the end of the week, one girl said: "We aren't poor. We have a vision." That was transformative! The girls went from seeing themselves as powerless, to the realization that they had a vision for their future, both individually and collectively.

The continued generosity of REAL supporters has made it possible for hundreds of girls and young women to see themselves as powerful, as smart, as educated, as people with something to contribute. They receive support from their mentor, money for their savings accounts from REAL but, most importantly they realize they too have something to give, to contribute. That is the power of your support. Becoming educated is important; seeing oneself as powerful and competent is transformative.

Every Tuesday this month we will send you a story, an opportunity, a question, a way you can help REAL grow and be part of this movement towards radical generosity, culminating in a celebration of REAL girls and your participation in these radical acts of generosity on November 30, 2021.

Stay tuned and join our email list! Sign up below.

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